Do SYSTEMS and MONEY go together?



When talking about making money and systems in the same sentence, then I have to share with you a ‘system’ that has led me personally to earning thousands of dollars online.

I definitely believe the investment I made several years ago now in purchasing this ‘system’ is one of the soundest investments I have ever made.

If you are serious about generating a decent income from any online business then you have to invest in Camtasia.

Think of it like this, this investment is a tax deduction for your online business! Why and How has this ‘system’ allowed me to generate thousands of dollars?

This is a fantastic question, in fact, two fantastic questions which I am going to answer in detail now! You see, in fact, I do not classify myself as anything but a very regular kind of person. White female, aged 61 years at the time of writing this post.

I am a wife of 42 years  (to the same man), a mum to 2 of the most wonderful children on earth and grandma to 3 adorable grandchildren. I have worked hard, as many reading this have as well, all my life.

I feel it was not until I reached the age of my late 40s, when I finally realized that the only way for me to generate enough income, (legally), was to learn more and get more involved in the internet and create an online business.

Now what was I going to do? I aligned myself with a mentor, after attending as many seminars, webinars and day workshops as I could to get a handle on the whole online systems, and the one standout for me at the time?

Affiliate Marketing, you need to do your own research on this ‘system’ and a great place to start is: Affiliate Mastery Institute  

So, ok here I am all these years down the track, sitting here writing this post. Why? I love to write it is one of my great passions. As is, reading, e-reading, learning and e-learning.

The continued use of Camtasia  throughout my online journey has been both frustrating and wonderful. You see, I am not from the technical age that most of you are. I have had to teach myself many things along the way with this online business.

The tech support, patience of the support team with Camtasia has been outstanding, and thanks to them, I now produce almost daily videos, instructional videos, webinars, promotional videos straight to YouTube all through using Camtasia.

As for me, I am still earning and learning online, I am hosting a 3 day live event now this Friday, saturday and Sunday on the Gold Coast Qld, Australia, as a result of my online business and you guessed it. I was able to create the content using Camtasia, it will be a great event.

If you are not convinced after reading this post, that Camtasia is the right ‘system’ to use for your online needs, then go to the TechSmith Store or ask anyone in the tech world and I am sure they will say, yes fantastic ‘system’.

By the way, if you are wondering who the heck I am, check me out, Judi Jaques

Talk soon. Thanks for reading.