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The Nine Life-Giving Steps to Online Wealth and Online Marketing Success

If you are setting out to “make money” online, or even worse to “get rich” online, you are heading for a big disappointment. In fact you are heading for disaster in the hands of the dark saviours of online marketing who are just waiting to fleece you of the little money you may have right now.

I have come to see from hard experience that they are ruthless and you are simply a fly in their spiders-web. They have no integrity, you are simply a number to them that allows them to have a dream house, a few luxury cars and a constant vacation in exotic parts of the world.

If you are in financial difficulties you need to forget about making money online as your immediate goal and get your mindset right first. If you don’t take this first step first you will never succeed at online marketing. You will simply become another casualty among millions.

Only 2% of people who start out achieve online marketing success. If you want to be one of them you have to make radical changes in the way you are operating right now.



If you are not short of money but wish to develop an ongoing stream of residual income and believe that online marketing is the best route to take I advise you to think carefully. You need to get your mind away from the money trap of setting your goal as making money or getting rich.

This is not a workable goal. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich is very clear about this. Put money first and you will fail. So get away from all the Google Keyword phrases that litter the online websites and blog posts. They work for Google search terms in niche marketing technology but they will not work for you when you first set out. In fact they will destroy your last vestiges of self-confidence.

What you have to set out to do is not to “make money”, or “get rich”; what you have to set out to do is to “create wealth” and become a “wealth creator” and you have to do this by building a solid business. This is the goal that will deliver the money that you need; but you will do it in an entirely different manner.

To fully grasp this vital distinction you need to fully understand that there is a major difference between the rich and the wealthy. The rich chase money, exploit people and never achieve their goal of financial security. The wealthy empower others and build multiple stream of sustainable income.

Less than 1% of people are wealthy. But if your goal is to build a sold online marketing business that empowers others and provides outstanding products and services and you are prepared to open yourself to new learning you will have a very good chance of succeeding in a relatively short space of time.

To begin your journey to wealth and open up a new world of possibilities you need to apply the 25 laws of wealth generation in your life. There is no other way. All the magic bullet offers on the internet are simply smoke and mirrors.

They lead you down a slippery path of failure and despair. And before you can connect with the genuine mastermind support groups that will assist you to build a successful online business and create wealth there are a number of basic principles that you must apply to the way you live our life if you are going to get out of the difficulties that most people find themselves in.



I set out the nine life-giving steps to success and personal achievement below which are an essential foundation from which to build an online wealth creation business.


  1. The first step is to choose to re-empower yourself and to stop giving your power away. Don’t ask for help! Take back your power by taking charge. Don’t look for an online saviour. They don’t exist anywhere. You are the only person that can realize your full potential


  1. The second step has to do with identifying and choosing to release the invisible barriers to your success; the realisation that the world is not the way it is but the way we see it; or the way we allow it to occur to us. The world is the way we have interpreted it and we can change this interpretation to one that serves us better.


  1. Even though it is invisible to you right now. It’s your choice. You are only a victim if you allow others to manipulate you. This is a critical realisation to arrive at. Without it you are not going anywhere near wealth or success no matter how much you fool yourself.


  1. To release these invisible barriers to success you need to attend a powerful transformation workshop. You cannot achieve this change of mindset simply by reading a few books.


  1. The third step is to accept that sustainable success and genuine wealth does not happen over-night. This is a two to five-year plan. Riches come quickly. They also leave you quickly. Wealth is everlasting!


  1. The fourth step is to realise and accept that what you know is useless to you. It’s part of the problem. It is only what you have never heard of that will help you to get ahead. New possibilities lie in the realm of what you don’t know that you don’t know. And right now you cannot see what you need to do and who you need to be to bring wealth into your life.


  1. The fifth step is to source and establish your mastermind group and I will give details of where you can source experts and organisations that will help you to uncover how to “finance” and manage a simple start-up business that can generate substantial wealth for you in a relatively short space of time.


This mastermind group should also provide you with an ontological coaching support system. Ontological or Transformational Coaching, which is coaching to your way of being in the world, is the most advanced form of coaching available in the world at this time and unless you obtain this type of support you will simply remain with the 98% of people who fail at online marketing and wealth creation in general.


  1. The sixth step is the decision to accept that you get nothing for nothing and if you expect to you are on the road to nowhere. You need to pay for anything of value. The wealthy person is conscious of the fact that they must give excess use-value in every transaction and they are never looking to drive a clever bargain that leaves others at a disadvantage.


  1. The seventh step isthe decision to get out of debt beginning now and stay that way.


  1. The eighth step is the decision to seek out, fully understand and apply all 25 laws of wealth generation to your life each day, if you wish to claim your right to be a complete human being. The laws work in sequence and understanding this is the key to your success.


  1. The ninth step is the understanding that you are already in the process of creating wealth when you begin to apply all nine basic stepsconsistently and consecutively one at a time starting with number one. Wealth is not somewhere down the road. It comes into being with step one above and your intention to do whatever it takes to realise your full human potential.

For a more detailed insight into the Nine Steps and to “crack the code” on how to re-write your ideal future download author Rod Finnie’s free e-books: “Awaken Your Millionaire Mindset!” and “The Science of Generating Wealth”. Then check out Rod’s “Wealth Generation Pro” wealth-creation Mastermind Group – all at [http://www.scienceofgeneratingwealth.com/blog]

Rod is an executive and transformational coach offering the Life Changing “PowaForce” Transformation Workshop through Transformation University  He has 38 years experience in business in marketing and change management. He has operated in the corporate world of international business as well as in the world of the independent entrepreneur. Rod’s focus is on creating personal wealth as well as on business break-throughs to optimising peak-performance. He is an exponent of Participative Management and Generative Leadership coaching; the required business management styles for the leading companies of the 21st Century.