How to Be an Affiliate: The Basics


If you are reading this article it’s probably because you are new to affiliate marketing and need some pointers towards success. There are no big secrets in affiliate marketing and the ideal candidate needs to be prepared to put some hard work in before achieving success, much like life in general, you get out what you put in.


How do I build my first affiliate website?

The world we live in now doesn’t restrict anyone from having their own website. There are plenty of tools out there to help you build your first affiliate site, including page generation tools and fast launch sites to get you up and running within days.

WordPress is a great example of a free website construction and management system with some fantastic plugins enabling even the least tech-savvy online affiliate to manage updates with ease.

If you have some knowledge of HTML and the ability to use graphical software, you will be able to customize your pages adding a touch of class to your website. If not, do not be disheartened as the main aim when constructing your first affiliate website is to build the concept, strategy and general structure.

This often proves to be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful affiliate.

Part of being a successful online affiliate is choosing a reliable and robust hosting solution for your affiliate website, as a customer of theirs for over 15 years here at internet affiliate; we highly recommend Pure-Hosting who offer professional internet business services to clients around the world.

As a new affiliate what topic should I choose?

As a new affiliate you should choose something you know and ideally have an interest in. It might not give you the best results to start with but in the longer term it is much easier to achieve success by building an affiliate website based on something you are interested in as you can give your own opinions and add a personal touch.

Always remember content is king when it comes to online affiliate marketing.

You should consider your target audience, are you attracting players to a casino? Or are you attracting other affiliates for a beauty program? Base the style and layout of your pages on the answers to these questions.

If you try and build your first affiliate site around something in which you have no personal interest in, it will quickly become a very tedious task. Start with what you know and expand from there.


How do I know which affiliate program to choose?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Some succeed in places where others have failed. Some earn pennies where others earn pounds. The best advice we can give you at internet affiliate is to simply start in an area you know.

During your early days as an affiliate marketer it isn’t difficult to ‘Pack up Shop’ and replace your links with those from another program. With this in mind, try and join affiliate programs with a logical, user friendly interface to help eliminate any confusion when fetching your affiliate links and reviewing your stats.


Browse the internet affiliate directory or use our search system to find a program that suits you!


I’ve filled my affiliate website with banners so why aren’t I making money?

If every website filled with banners was making money we would be living in a world of countless millionaires. The bottom line in affiliate marketing or in fact any successful website is content! The better the content you provide the more visitors you will attract and subsequently the affiliate commissions you deserve!

If your website is too heavy with affiliate banners the site will start to look ugly, the performance of the site will drop and many visitors will be put off thinking that its no more than a promotional site rather than a useful informative site.

You need to achieve a balance between well structured, interesting content and build the relevant affiliate links around that to maximise your success. Providing interactive content, videos and articles is a great way to go about things when starting out.

Eventually you’ll find that advertisers will want to recruit affiliates directly and you may get exclusive offers to place their banners on your website.

What are the common affiliate commission types and which one should I choose?

Different Affiliate Programs will offer you different commission plans, typically, most will offer a mixture of the following common affiliate commission types:


CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. For every $100 you make we will give you $10, e.g.

Rev-Share – Revenue Share. 10% of Revenue generated. 12% for anything over $200 e.g.


Hybrid – Combination of CPA and Rev-Share


CPL – Cost per Lead


PIP Rebate (Trading/Forex) – $11 for over 10 Lots per month, for example.


Lot Rebate (Trading/Forex) – $1 per Lot Traded, for example

Your affiliate commission plan and the commissions offered should be clear before you even signup. Many companies operating an affiliate program will compete with each other to attempt to offer the best deals to their affiliates especially for a high value affiliate.

Always read the terms and conditions when signing up and make sure to look out for any clauses regarding the commissions. If in doubt contact an affiliate manager for clarification.


Work at it and educate yourself


The ultimate goal for any affiliate is to cruise along and not have to do any work but the reality is that a lot of work needs to go in when you are first starting out. Whether it’s reading educational material, producing websites or choosing the right program, the results aren’t instant and it can take time to even cover your costs.

Education is an immensely important part of Affiliate Marketing. Educating yourself on the basics of HTML, programming, customizing links and creating a niche in the market are all hurdles where new affiliate marketers often fail.


Always read through the terms and conditions whenever you sign up to a new affiliate program and remember if you’re in doubt check with an affiliate representative or manager at your chosen company. Try to negotiate a higher commission rate and see if they will work with you to maximise your efforts.

The potential in affiliate marketing is huge, so with a bit of perseverance, dedication and patience you have a much greater chance of success.